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Thursday, January 5

{ippity} - twenty.twelve

{ippity} is starting the new year off with some awesome changes!  we are all (the {ippity} chicks and unity peeps) totally excited  about these changes.

so, what's new, you ask?  how about buying {ippity} stamps and unity stamps together, from the same website?   you can do that, starting this weekend.  to buy {ippity} stamps, you can just click on my photo on the unity website and shop your little {ippity} heart out.

i'm still going to be your {ippity} chick...we are just taking the extra shipping step out of the mix.  isn't that awesomeness?  so starting this weekend, you can order your {ippity} stamps either from my blog or emailing me like you did before or directly from the unity website.  it just adds another option for ease of ordering.

oh, and can add any unity stamps to your order, too.  and get this...if you have a unity DISCOUNT CODE, this will also apply to your {ippity} if you have a 25% off code like a kit of the month member, you will also get 25% off your {ippty} stamps in that order.  sweet or what?!?

so check out the new january {ippity} bitties (here) and visit the unity website this weekend to shop your socks off!!!

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Cindi said...

well, that sounds great!!